Provision of legal counsel and service of entrepreneurs on a regular basis:

  • Service of enterprises and entrepreneurs

    Service of enterprises and entrepreneurs covering all issues connected with the establishment, merger, takeover, operation and liquidation of economic entities and their representation before judicial authorities, offices, institutions, state and local government authorities, regulators and also during arbitration proceedings.

  • Service of local government units

  • Counsel within the scope of tax issues

    Counsel within the scope of tax issues covering tax optimisation for entrepreneurs, analysis of tax effects of economic undertakings planned, representation of the taxpayer during proceedings taking place before tax authorities, the Voivodeship Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

  • Legal service covering the issues connected with intellectual and industrial property law

    Legal service covering the issues connected with intellectual and industrial property law – we provide assistance during negotiations of, and we prepare, licence agreements and agreements regarding the transfer of intellectual property rights; we handle the cases of unfair competition, including legal and penal liability for the violation of the law; we represent entrepreneurs before the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection and adjust internal procedures concerning the operation of economic entities to the legal requirements proposed by the said office.

  • Public procurement law

    Public procurement law – we provide legal assistance for both the ordering parties and contractors participating in the tendering procedure; we give comprehensive legal advise and prepare opinions regarding the correctness of the tendering procedure selected and implemented, we also represent parties during the appeal procedure.

Legal assistance on a regular basis, court disputes:

  • Penal law

    Penal law – our office represents clients appearing both as the defenders and the attorneys of the injured parties and sometimes witnesses’ attorneys. The long-term experience of both the managing partners and lawyers working with the office on a regular basis guarantees a fully professional and highly individualized approach towards the issues connected with the legal and penal liability. The partners possess long-term experience in representing persons charged as part of penal proceedings of economic nature. We also represent economic entities appearing as the injured parties in penal proceedings.

  • Tax law

    Tax law (including penal and tax law combined together), customs law – representing the party before the Supreme Administrative Court, the Voivodeship Administrative Court as well as Common Courts and tax authorities within the scope regarding tax proceedings conducted by Tax Offices, Tax Audit Offices, Directors of Chambers, Customs Offices, and preparation of letters, charges, appeals, applications and complaints.

  • Civil law

    Civil law – we provide a full range of services as regards this one of the widest areas of law; we concentrate on the law of obligations, in particular on preparing and giving opinion on contracts concluded between entrepreneurs and between physical persons; we evaluate the dangers and assess the risk arising from improper performance of obligations. Furthermore, the office continuously provides services of legal nature connected with the acquisition, transformation and disposal of real estates.

  • Economic law

    Economic law – the office deals comprehensively with problems connected with the formation and transformation of companies; it provides assistance in the processes of merging, division and liquidation of companies, changes in the share capital as well as in general issues within the scope of the law of commercial companies. The office acts in court disputes, representing corporations, partakes in the resolution of international disputes, and conducts detailed analyses of risks connected with, inter alia, hostile takeovers and corporate governance. We advise representatives of statutory bodies within the scope of current competence disputes, and, further, we provide comprehensive legal service regarding both civil and penal liability of persons being members of company authorities.

  • Labour law

    Labour law – we provide legal assistance connected with the performance of individual employment contracts as well as within the scope of collective labour law; we support employers in the process of organising the rules concerning work and remuneration. The office also participates in the process of preparing new posts having regard to legal considerations and drafts management agreements. We also help employees in disputes with employers.

  • Family law

    Family law – representing the client in court dispute both within the scope of divorce and separation proceedings and within the scope of vindication of parental rights; we put a great emphasis on the equal rights of parents within the broad meaning of this term.

  • Press law

    Press law – representing publishers, authors of press materials and persons whom these materials directly or indirectly concern, participating in court disputes, negotiating understandings and agreements, providing defense during penal proceedings.

  • Cases conducted before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

    Cases conducted before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg – the Office possesses experience in cases heard before the said Court, representing Polish citizens in cases filed against the Polish government; we boast significant success within this scope, including in proceedings regarding complaints about the length of court proceedings.