About us

Płaza Głąb Law Office was formed by combining two separate law offices which have been operating on the Polish market for years. At present, the office is conducted in the form of a partnership whose managing associates and partners are advocates Igor Płaza and Wojciech Głąb.

We specialise in providing comprehensive legal service to both economic entities, including corporations and local government units, and physical persons.

Our Law Office owes its professionalism to experience gained as a result of partaking in hundreds of court trials, engaging in negotiations regarding complicated commercial contracts and providing current service to entrepreneurs, public authorities, associations and institutions of public use. We put a great emphasis on providing the Client with an individually adjusted and complete product in the form of a legal service encompassing all kinds of law. A long-term cooperation with entrepreneurs from the telecommunications and information sector enables the office to suit the legal solutions offered by us to the ever-changing demand of specialised sectors, in particular sectors based on modern technologies.

The main assumptions that our Law Office makes when preparing the final product are as follows:
  • the Client's security,
  • creative approach towards the nature of legal issues entrusted to us,
  • determination in coming up with optimal legal solutions for the Client.
  • The offer prepared for physical persons covers all legal aspects of life – from personal, through professional, to family ones.

    The offer addressed to economic entities is comprehensive in nature; our Law Office offers assistance also within the scope of analysis and tax issues consulting.

    In cases which require such an approach, we rely on collaboration with experts in a given sector, including tax advisors, experts and appraisers possessing specialist knowledge, but also with established law and consulting firms in the territory of the European Union, the USA and the Russian Federation.